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Pastor's Letters

Elena Lent has ministered at our fellowship, Open Portal, twice in the past year, total of 6 services . In both meetings there was a demonstration of the Holy Spirit, and of the power of God. Men and women were healed and delivered. Perhaps one of the most significant healings was a man in his 50s, who had a birth defect which Doctors were unable to remedy. In one evening, the birth defect in his back was healed by the stripes of Jesus. The pain of many years left completely, and the sorrows of his heart. the Lord turned to joy. At one of the meetings, a young man went under the power of the Holy Spirit and was delivered from the power of the enemy. Peace settlind on him. A woman with excruciating pain from arthritis was healed totally and completely. She ran and walked around the church with absolutely no pain whatsoever. and today months later she is healthy without pain. All the glory goes to the Lord God.


Elena has also personally ministered to me. Through word of knowledge, the Lord showed her my life, the need for repentance in areas, and the need of deliverance. I now  personally walk in a newfound freedom in the spirit.  


Elena moves not only in word of knowledgebut in the power and authority of whatever is necessary to set God‘s people free.  As you can read, with a great thankfulness for her love of the body of Christ, and for her walk with the Holy Spirit, I joyfully recommend Elena Lent to every pastor and fellowship leader. Praise Jesus, who builds the body of Christ through his obedient children. Amen.

Pastor, Nicholas Zdunich.

I am writing this recommendation of BethIsrael Ministry, Elena Lent. 


I have attended services with Elena Lent, seeing the power of Devine Healing as she prayed. 


My neighbor, Rita, had night blindness for 11 years. After being prayed for by Elena Lent, she was healed and can now drive at night. 


I have seen demonic spirits manifest themselves when exposed by the Holy Spirit in Elena Lent, as they were revealed by discernment, and word of knowledge.  Elena casted out the evil spirits in the authority of almighty GOD, the liberty came to the one that was once bound. 


Pastors, if you need the spirit of healing working in your congregation, or the casting out of demonic spirits, I recommend BethIsrael Ministry.  Elena Lent walks in a great anointing of the HOLY GHOST. 


Blessings in the name of the LORD


Evangelist Wayne Gene Warren

It has been an honor and a privilege for my wife and I to have had the personal experience of ministering with Ms. Elana Lent from Bethisrael Ministry.

Elena is a true servant of Jesus Christ. Having watched her in action and getting to know her. It is obvious God has anointed Elena with a special gift of the understanding of the power of the Word.

Her burning desire is to see those in bondage set free. Her testimony of how Jesus set her free is as real as it gets. She lived it and now she walks in the anointing to battle the darkness and help set the captives free.

She has ministered on our weekly broadcast from Revived Alive Ministries in the Revived Alive Studios in Vancouver WA.  The authority on which she attacks the lies and bondages of the darkness upon God’s people is astounding.  We had numerous deliverances and healings in the short time she ministered. It was amazing to see the Shekinah Glory fall in the room and touch each person in a personal way.

One man was amazed as the word of knowledge that came upon Elena and she spoke against his hearing loss. He was miraculously instantly healed at that very moment. She had never met him before and had no conversation. It was only through the Holy Spirit that she knew his need.  And as a bonus, his cataracts disappeared!! Amen, Thank you, Jesus.

A woman was set free from generational spirits of witchcraft, and another man had a demon of infirmity come out of him.  

She cares for the lost, the addicted, the homeless. She will go where the Lord tells her and each time It has been blessed.  

We strongly recommend Elena to minister in your church or meeting. She will call down the fire from heaven and people’s lives will be changed.


Blessings in Him,

Pastors Jeffrey and First Lady Tamara Landsberg

Revived Alive Ministries

Vancouver, WA 98662

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